Our Experience, Our Commitment

About Simply Energy


Simply Energy management team is made up of experienced energy market experts with years of industry experience. We have a broad range of experience in energy supply, energy equipment, power generation, renewable energy, and carbon off sets.


Our experience and out of the box thinking has allowed us to innovate in a market not known for innovation. EPP is a product of that innovation. The goal is to stay current with the needs of our customer’s while providing products and solutions unique to those needs.

End to End

We are able to deliver the best natural gas and electricity rates possible to our customers due to our Direct Purchase partnerships on numerous Clean and Renewable Energy projects that generate power from solar, wind and natural gas generators. Our affiliates provide turn-key power generation solutions in the areas of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Solar PV for small and medium size customers.  For larger customers our affiliates offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for hosted and embedded solutions.

Customer Commitment

Simply Energy is committed to the highest ethical standards with the best possible service. From time to time the best training, employees, and systems fail. However, we are committed to taking corrective action to the satisfaction of our customers.

In the event of a billing dispute or a disagreement involving Simply Energy services, the parties will use their best efforts to resolve the dispute. Customers should contact Simply Energy by telephone or in writing. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST except for holidays. You will find our toll free number listed on our Contact Us page.

Customer complaints or disputes will be investigated promptly. We will document the complaint or dispute based on the information you provide. We will provide you with an update within five (5) business days following receipt of your complaint or dispute in writing or verbally.

We are committed to completing our investigation within fourteen business days, by this time we will provide a status report, either orally or in writing, to you.

If an investigation is not completed within fourteen business days, we will provide status reports, either orally or in writing, to you at five business-day intervals until the investigation is complete, unless agreed to otherwise.

We will retain records of customer complaints, investigations, and complaint resolutions for one year and we will provide such records to you within five calendar days of request.​

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